Personal Hygiene

Keeping the body clean and intact helps prevent bacteria and infections from entering the body.  Personal hygiene is vital to enabling the elderly person to feel the best they can, as well as maintaining their dignity and self-esteem.  Our highly trained staff will assist you with hygiene activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and oral care.







At Holistic Home Care, we strongly believe that the maintenance of mobility is fundamental to active aging and is directly linked to health status and quality of life.  We offer mobility assistance like active and passive range of motion exercises.





Transfers and Positioning

Individuals who are confined to bed or a wheelchair may develop complications due to decreased mobility of the limbs, such as chest infection, pressure sores, and muscle contracture. Our caregivers are trained in safe transfer techniques and proper use of assistive devices to keep your loved ones safe at home.





Toileting and Incontinent Care

The most important part of good incontinence care is to ensure both the physical and emotional needs of your loved one are being met.  Poor incontinent care can have negative outcomes like skin irritation, bacterial infections, feelings of embarrassment, and social withdrawal.  We assist with perineal care, catheter care, and bladder/bowel programs.






Malnutrition is a problem among older people and can lead to slower wound-healing, higher rates of infection and pressure ulcer development. Among the causes of inadequate food intake are feeding problems like difficulty transferring food from plate to mouth and swallowing it.