Companionship and Mental Support

Evidence supports the notion that supportive social relationships are beneficial for physical and emotional health.






Meal Preparation

Proper nutrition helps individuals maintain a healthy weight and stay energized, and ensures the body is receiving the necessary nutrients. Also, benefits of proper nutrition for seniors range from increased mental capacity and higher energy levels to better resistance to illness and disease.   Our caregivers assist with meal preparation while following your diet and restrictions closely.






A clean house is the best defense against the spread of illnesses and infections and falls.  Falls are the leading cause of injury in the elderly and maintaining a clutter-free environment will help to prevent falls and keep your loved ones safe in their home.  We assist with light house cleaning like sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, vacuuming, and dusting.









Dirty clothes can harbor microorganisms, and wearing clothes with these microorganisms on them can lead to skin infections. Body odor can also occur leading to negative emotions.  We assist with washing, folding, and storing clothes.






Food Shopping/ Errands

Driving is perhaps society’s biggest marker of independence, and for the elderly, losing the ability to drive is like losing a limb.  Our caregivers assist with grocery shopping and running errands.





Medication Reminders

Medication adherence is significant for controlling chronic conditions and overall health.  Our medication reminders help ensure your loved one is taking the correct medication at the right time.